Artículos de Social Media (weekly)

  • «many enterprises are now busy reorganizing their social media efforts to scale them up, make them have greater impact, and to address what seems to otherwise be an unsustainable pace of technological change. The goal largely remains the same as ever: To capitalize on the rich potential that many organizations feel they’re not yet reaching with social. This usually means ways to better connect with their primary stakeholders (workers, customers, partners) in the new channels of communication to which many of us have moved, while also tapping into more effective ways of working and creating mutual value there.

    There’s good news in our s»

    Tags: analytics, social media, trends, dion, data, tendencias, 2013

  • «l that will get you promoted. Because you are going to focus on metrics, sorry not metrics, key performance indicators, that have a direct line to the bottom-line of your company.»

    Tags: analytics, social media, monitoring, data, kaushik, #smedia

  • » to existing social environments and find ways to connect with your constituents there, following the rules and other constraints you find there, or you can create your own digital communities.  I would observe that in the winning stories I’ve seen, almost entirely, they’ve taken the right path in the diagram above, creating the communities themselves, from the platform on up, and owning the data, relationships, and customer experience. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are important social channels and key component to customer engagement today, but they’re usually not viable customer communities at a strategic level.

    In short, if you build it first/best, and give them a good reason to come, they will.»

    Tags: zdnet, communities, enterprise, customer, closing, window, analytics, social media, trends, dion, dhinccliffe

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