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Back To The Future is the film on everyone’s lips, thanks to a Twitter sensation claiming that yesterday – 5th July 2010 – was ‘Future Day’, the day that Doc and Marty visit in Part 2.

The culprit responsible? None other than your favourite film magazine and website, Total Film. Yeah… sorry about that.

Here’s the original tweet;

Back To The Future

A casual office conversation brought up the ‘fact’ that 5th July 2010 is referenced in Back To The Future (though Doc and Marty never actually go there), so sensing a bit of fun for our Twitter feed (and without checking) we posted the Tweet. Then things got interesting.
As our 30,000 followers began retweeting the post it gathered pace, and die-hard BTTF fans began replying demanding an explanation for our grevious mistake.

For a bit of fun we photoshopped an image of the digital time display from the dashboard of the DeLorean to say ’05 07 2010′ (above) and loaded it onto twitpic;
Back To The Future

You can see the original post here.
Underneath the picture we posted this;
 Back To The Future
What was meant as a tongue in cheek apology just stoked the fire massively and became a Twitter version of Chinese whispers.

The image ended up being used as proof that 5th July 2010 is mentioned in the movie, not proof that we were wrong.

By the afternoon Back To The Future became a trending topic on Twitter worldwide, and one of the most searched topics on Google in the past 24 hours.

The Guardian have blogged about it, two Australian newspapers have done stories, along with one in the Arab Emirates. One news story by World Correspondants referred to us as a ‘Photoshop artist’ – not too sure about that, but thanks all the same.

This morning tweets are circulating with a new image, photoshopped by a third party to say that today, July 6th 2010, is Future Day. There is now an email circulating with the same image;

Back to the Future

As of the time of posting, Hollywood celebs Elizabeth Banks and Colin Hanks have retweeted the post – it looks like this one could run for a few more days folks…

And that’s how we started Future Day, it truly is an accidental global phenomenon.

So apologies, film fans. We were wrong. It seems some lax research and average photoshop skills go a long way on Twitter these days.


Ayer hubo todo un revuelo respecto a la película Volver al Futuro debido a una serie de confusiones.
En primera, durante este fin se cumplieron 25 años de estrenada la película en julio de 1985. Esto causó que mucha gente se emocionara.
Pero después se empezó a hablar de que el viaje en el tiempo al futuro que hacían McFly y el Doctor era justo al 5 de julio del 2010 cosa que a los que conocemos la película nos parecía todo un error, pero de pronto hasta una foto empezó a salir con una supuesta imagen de dicho viaje.
Caos total! la gente olvidó que el tema principal era el aniversario de la película y se empezó una discusión respecto a la validez y a de donde salió esa foto.
Bueno, yo no me podía quedar tranquilo y hoy yo seguía buscando el origen de esa foto que yo sabía era falsa. y aquí está la explicación: nuestros amigos de Total Film crearon poco a pcoo toda una broma alrededor del tema. Sabiendo que la fecha si es mencionada en la película causaron una bola de nieve que acabó en una de las discusiones más tontas que ha habido en Twitter pero también una broma excelentemente ejecutada aunque no tan apropósito.

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